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About this IPT installation

This is a default IPT hosted by Reptile, Amphibian and Fish Conservation Netherlands (RAVON)

You can use the following variables about the hosting organisation:

  • description = RAVON stands for the Dutch "Reptielen, Amfibieën, Vissen Onderzoek Nederland" and is an organisation dedicated to the research and conservation of reptiles, amphibians and fish. The RAVON Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with over 1800 volunteers, more than 1000 contributors and over 20 professional staff members. RAVON’s aim is to increase the number of sustainable populations of amphibians, reptiles and fish in the Netherlands via accumulated knowledge and research. RAVON accommodates (large) datasets with mainly monitoring and observational data.
  • name = Reptile, Amphibian and Fish Conservation Netherlands (RAVON)
  • alias = RAVON
  • homepageURL = []
  • primaryContactType = administrative
  • primaryContactName = RAVON
  • primaryContactDescription =
  • primaryContactAddress =
  • primaryContactEmail =
  • primaryContactPhone =
  • nodeKey = 0909d601-bda2-42df-9e63-a6d51847ebce
  • nodeName = Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility
  • nodeContactEmail =